Adding Value

  • Understand the Business/Proposition
  • Identify value creation options
  • Regularly monitor implementation

We believe in active, not burdensome, asset management and working closely with management at our portfolio companies in order to achieve strictly set, aggressive but achievable strategic, operational and financial objectives.

We feel it is extremely important to contribute and add value to investments in order to fully capitalize on their potential and optimize opportunities for achieving maximum valuations on exit.

We aim to initiate post-acquisition programs for each of our portfolio investments and we ensure that each of our investments can draw upon our resources as well as our comprehensive network of contacts and relationships.

We focus on key issues including:

We aim to utilize the knowledge and help of our local and international technical partners as well as successful industry professionals to enhance value at our portfolio investments. Such partners will assist us in forming strategic, operational, and financial objectives as well as providing ongoing assistance to investments.

Our Adding Value Process

We employ a disciplined process to creating value in our investments. There are three broad steps:

  • Understand the business/proposition
    • Comprehensive analysis of the business, the industry, regulatory environment and competitors.
    • Detailed financial modelling and sensitivity analyses.
    • Informed view of how the business, industry and broader environment will develop.
  • Identify the paths to creating value
    • Review and decide on strategic alternatives.
    • Outline business "action plan" .
    • Consider exit alternatives.
    • Partner with technical, strategic or regional expertise.
  • Monitor implementation and progress at regular intervals
    • Board representation .
    • Measure progress of action plan through pre-defined strategic and operational objectives.
    • Strong corporate governance processes.
    • Constantly on the 'lookout' for strategic opportunities.